Getting into a good school, finding a good job or continuing a successful career can become nearly impossible with certain charges on your record. Even some of the smallest Class C misdemeanor infractions (such as an MIP, PI, DUI or disorderly conduct) will often have an enormous impact on a person’s life. With the ease and ability of electronic searches available to anyone, it’s extremely easy for potential employers, admission boards, co-workers, family and friends to conduct a thorough background search on a person in a matter of minutes.

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In limited circumstances, a person may be eligible to have all records relating to their charge destroyed. The expunction process is very specific and will only apply in certain circumstances. One common example is when a person has gone to trial and been found not guilty. That person would be entitled to petition the court for an expunction.

Motions For Non-Disclosure

This process is available to a much wider array of people who have been charged with crimes. Generally, even someone who has pleaded no contest and been placed on community supervision is still eligible to petition the court for an order of non-disclosure. If granted, this court order will prevent many types of “record searches” from displaying any information about your charge and thus prevent a large majority of the public from ever finding any information regarding the charge in public record.

What You Can Do

Take action! Be proactive to protect your good name and reputation. There are two primary forms of court-ordered protection of privacy for a person who has been accused of a crime. Both of these processes are fairly complex and procedurally detailed. It is important that you speak with a qualified attorney who has experience with both of these processes and the knowledge to assist you with the appropriate action.

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