If your license has been suspended for almost any reason, you are usually eligible to apply for an occupational driver’s license. An occupational driver’s license, or ODL, may be issued to avoid undue hardship for those whose licenses have been suspended by the state of Texas.

How To Obtain An ODL

At Ross Law Offices, P.C., we will represent you during the somewhat complex procedures involved in petitioning the court for and ultimately obtaining an ODL. You will be required to file a request with the court as well as attend a hearing in which a judge will make the final decision as to whether you qualify for an ODL. Ross Law Offices, P.C., will assist you with all aspects of this process. The inherent paperwork and red tape involved with obtaining an ODL make the assistance of an attorney important.

If the judge decides to grant your ODL, you will receive a court order stating such. We will then submit this order, along with other required items such as proof of insurance and payment of fees, to the Texas Department of Public Safety. While your court order is being processed, you will carry a copy of the actual court order with you at all times as a temporary license.

What Does An ODL Allow You To Do?

ODLs are a form of restricted license and thus do not carry with them the same privileges that a standard driver’s license allows. If a judge decides to grant you an ODL, you will be able to use it to drive to work and school and to carry out essential and necessary household tasks. The judge will usually require drivers to carry logbooks with them stating where they are going and for what purpose. It is important that a person understands that unless otherwise specified, an ODL allows driving only for these limited purposes. If you are stopped by an officer and he or she has reason to believe you are violating the terms of the ODL, he or she probably will take you to jail.

We Understand Your Need For An ODL

Because of the extreme hardships facing a person in need of an ODL, it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Almost everyone needs to be able to get to school and work and/or perform necessary daily tasks. And most of us are not able to use alternative forms of transportation for extended periods. This is why it is crucial that you have an attorney who understands the process and will work to obtain an ODL with the best terms possible for your individual situation. An ODL is not simply a standard issued form. A judge will hear the facts regarding your specific situation and set forth what you are and are not allowed to do with your ODL.

Call Us Today To Find Out If You Are Eligible

At Ross Law Offices, P.C., we will represent your interests, from the initial filing of the required forms and court documents through the final hearing in which the judge will make the ultimate decision.

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