Our fees are probably less than you think. In many circumstances, the savings we can obtain for you in fines, court costs and probation fees will often pay for the entire representation. If you are facing jail time, you know how important your situation is, as serving time can often lead to other devastating problems such as the loss of your job and the inability to care for your loved ones.

Our Philosophy

At Ross Law Offices, we don’t advertise or claim to be the cheapest attorneys in town, because we are not. We believe that like most things in life, when hiring an attorney, cost is only one of your considerations. We will be the first to admit that there will always be someone willing to represent you for a slightly cheaper rate. But as the saying goes, you often get what you pay for. Be cautious when dealing with anyone whose rates seem “to good to be true”. This may very well mean that you are not getting the representation and time devoted to your case that you need and deserve.

We believe that most of our clients are willing to pay a slightly higher fee in exchange for the benefit of a truly qualified attorney who takes the time to devote great effort to each and every client’s case.

Client Communication is Key

We go above and beyond expected standards in order to communicate with our clients and make ourselves available 24/7. In fact, all of our clients are given Mr. Ross’s personal cell phone number and may contact him at any time should the need arise. This can be extremely important when an issue arises during non-business hours.

In addition, we offer flexible payment plans which often make affording representation much more reasonable. We are willing to work with our clients and we understand that everyone experiences hard times in life. At Ross Law Offices, we believe that financial concerns should not prevent you from obtaining the representation you deserve.

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At Ross Law Offices, we provide quality representation and a dedication to our clients’ interests which is often hard to find. We offer competitive (not cut-rate) fees and a level of service to our clients which we believe is among the best in the industry. Let us prove to you the dedication we hold to our clients’ interests. We offer a no-obligation free consultation to review your case and discuss your options.

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