Police forces around Texas are extra vigilant on New Year’s Eve. Plenty of people drink alcohol to celebrate the upcoming new year, and they will arrest anyone they suspect is under the influence. Although DWIs have decreased in recent years around the state, they are still prevalent and still dangerous to everyone else on the road.

You do not want to ring in 2019 with a DWI on your record. Before you head out to a party, brush up on what steps to take to avoid driving under the influence this New Year’s Eve.

Have a reliable designated driver

If you plan on going out in a group, one person should be the designated driver. Whoever you pick should be responsible enough to not have a sip of alcohol the entire evening. In the event no one in your party wants to volunteer, you should look into public transportation or ridesharing apps. Even if the party is only a couple miles away from your house, it is better to Uber home and pick up your car the next morning than risk a DWI.

Do not listen to the “one drink per hour” rule

Plenty of Texans think they will be safe to drive as long as they only consume one alcoholic beverage every hour. Everyone is different. Some people’s bodies process alcohol more slowly than others, so they will still get over the legal limit if they only drink once per hour. Additionally, if you plan on having mixed drinks, the alcohol content could be higher than what you will get out of a beer.

Avoid texting and driving

Even when you are completely sober and can drive home safely, you want to avoid looking at your phone or other such distractions. You could swerve between lanes. Cops will use this as an excuse to pull you over, especially on New Year’s Eve. Do not give the cops any reason to pull you over, or else you could still end the night with a visit to jail.