On March 29, a search was conducted at a residence in College Station, Texas. During the search, authorities found a variety of drugs, weapons and gang paraphernalia. As a result, a 26-year-old man was taken into custody and charged with the manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance. The event was the end of an investigation that had been going on for more than a year.

Among the controlled substances discovered were 24,000 ecstasy pills, roughly 4 ounces of cocaine and some crack cocaine. There was also marijuana as well as approximately $23,000 in cash. Jewelry that was found at the scene was also taken by authorities. The ecstasy had an estimated value of $242,000 while the cocaine had a combined estimated value of about $3,615. According to authorities, it was the biggest narcotics haul in the history of Brazos County.

People who have been handed drug charges could face years in prison as well as a stiff fine if a conviction is obtained. As a result, those who find themselves in this position might find it advisable to meet with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible so that a strategy to counter the allegations can be constructed.

This may be done by asserting that any drugs found in a residence did not belong to the defendant. It may also be possible to show that an individual didn’t know that there were any illegal substances in a home. If a defendant has information about others who were involved, an attorney may be able to use that as leverage to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution.