A tip from an out-of-state law enforcement agency alerted authorities in Fannin County to a man suspected of selling large amounts of marijuana. Undercover police officers approached the suspect and arranged to meet him for a drug buy in Grand Prairie. The man targeted by investigators allegedly arrived with 25 pounds of marijuana.

His arrest led to the approval of a search warrant for his home in Fannin County on County Road 2900. Sheriff’s deputies reported finding over 15 pounds of marijuana, 84 grams of concentrated THC oil, LSD, drug paraphernalia and Xanax pills. Authorities also claimed to have seized over $15,000 in cash along with silver coins. Deputies reportedly collected multiple AK-47s and AR-15s along with bump stocks and over 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

According to the sheriff’s department, the 44-year-old suspect had four buildings set up to grow marijuana. The sheriff described it as the most complex drug operation that he had personally seen.

Charges are pending against the man who was detained in Grand Prairie. Once he pays his bond to secure his release from jail, the Fannin County sheriff intends to arrest him for multiple drug charges.

Even when evidence appears abundant, a person arrested for drug crimes may benefit from legal representation. A criminal defense attorney may check to see if the evidence actually supports the criminal charges. Any excessive actions by a prosecutor could be vulnerable to challenge. Advice from an attorney might also prevent a person from accepting an unreasonable plea bargain. An attorney may strive to negotiate for reduced charges and potentially limit penalties.

Source: KXII, “Several drugs, guns and cash seized in Fannin County home“, Meredith McCown, April 26, 2019